Svalbard, Longyearbyen

Bryllup på Svalbard

One of the worlds biggest area of untouched nature is waiting for you at 78 degree North.

Having your wedding at Svalbard is both unique and romantic at the same time. Longyearbyen has all the facilities and products that you need to make the purfect wedding at Svalbard. Winter or summer, Svalbard has its own charm regardless of the seasons. 
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In the Polar Night the Nordlys and the endless sky of stars will capture the guests at Longyearbyen and Svalbard.

But in summer the beautiful contrasts of colors in nature with dramatic glacier, majestic mountains, bustling bird life and endless arctic tundra and the multifarious of flora and fauna.

You get surrounded by silence at Svalbard, a silence you do not find anywhere else. 

The blue light that will appeare in the transition of dark and light makes the reality seam like a fairy-tail. Surroundings become Art.

Som de første i Norge kan vi tilby bryllupsplanlegging av ditt bryllup på Svalbard. Vi har tilknytning til både Longyearbyen, Pyramiden og Barentsburg.

Er du interessert i å gifte deg i Svalbard, Longyearbyen?

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